February 17, 2014 / 2014 Photo Contest

Encourage your students to enter Walsworth’s 2014 Photo Contest!

Written by Susan Wuckowitsch

We are amazed at the photos students take every day. Here’s your chance to support your photographers’ creativity and talent. Walsworth is looking for awesome photos. Encourage your students to enter Walsworth’s 2014 Photo Contest for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and a pizza party for your yearbook staff.

The details are simple. Take a look:

Dates: Feb. 17 – March 14

Students have a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card and a pizza party for the yearbook staff. Eight prizes will be awarded.

Prizes will be awarded to one photo in each of eight categories, and students can enter up to five photos.

  • Sports Action – Capture athletes in action and the spirit of competition.
  • Student Life – We want to see who students really are – who that person is, what they do and why.
  • Academics – Show us learning in progress.
  • Club or Organization/Community Service – Clubs and organizations allow groups to shape each individual as well as the community. Show us how.
  • Feature/Portrait – Discover who a person is by showing what they are feeling or a bit of their personality by using the face and emotion as the focus.
  • Photo Illustration – Show us a photo that has been modified, manipulated or otherwise featuring special effects that was created to tell a story.
  • School Spirit – We want to see the meaning of school pride displayed on the sidelines, in the stands, at practice – by anyone not competing in an athletic event.
  • Junior High/Middle School – We’re looking for the best junior high/middle school photo regardless of category. Photo must be taken by a junior high or middle school student.

The winner for each category must show at least one of the following rules or features of photography:

  • Rule of Thirds
  • Repetition
  • Emotion
  • Depth of Field
  • Selective Focus
  • Vantage Point/Point of View
  • Angle
  • Contrast
  • Filled Frame
  • Framing
  • Leading Lines
  • Proper exposure/focus
  • Photo of a single person that showcases reflection
  • Photo of a couple that showcases relationship
  • Photo of a small or large group that showcases interaction

Each winning photo will be featured on a poster that every Walsworth customer will receive and the winners will get a letter from Don Walsworth and a certificate that can be presented to the student by the administrator.

You can enter the contest by visiting walsworthyearbooks.com/photocontest, filling out the form and uploading your photo. Each contestant can enter up to five photos.

Photos will appear on the Walsworth Yearbooks Facebook page for voting. The best photos will be chosen by Walsworth and the number of Likes on Facebook. Winners will be selected by a committee of judges based on the following criteria: quality of photo (25%), appropriateness to category (10%), photography rules followed (25%), creativity demonstrated (15%) and viral nature as determined by the number of Likes (25%).

All schools across the U.S. are eligible to enter a video. Must be 13 years or older to participate. For complete rules, go to walsworthyearbooks.com/photocontest.

Keep checking back frequently here in the Yearbooks Blog and the Walsworth Yearbooks Facebook page for updates on the contest.

Contest ends March 14 so spread the word today!

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Susan Wuckowitsch

Susan Wuckowitsch is a misplaced Texan brought to Kansas City by meat (like many people). Several years in meat sales and even more at advertising agencies taught her valuable lessons, including how to sell. She makes her parents proud by actually using her marketing degree from the University of Texas as a Marketing Supervisor for Walsworth Yearbooks. During her 10 years at Walsworth, she has combined her experience and education with a natural love of helping people to work with schools on how to spread the joy of yearbooks to reluctant purchasers.