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Employee Spotlight Series

Lori Davis

Commercial Customer Service - Fulton, Missouri

About our Employee Spotlights

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Lori Davis

I work in customer service at the Fulton facility. It is my job to take care of our customers, both external and internal. My main focus is on the external customer: Getting information for printing their magazine, helping them get their files here correctly and making sure that we have everything that they need to print a magazine that they can be proud of. After that is complete, it is my job to communicate those specifications to prepress, press, bindery and mailing/shipping. It is a lot of phone calls, tons of emails, but it is always interesting.

I have worked at this location for The Ovid Bell Press and then Walsworth for a total of 33+ years. Before that I worked for a small printer called PIP Printing as a typesetter/customer service person for about two years.

The coolest thing I get to do at my job is talk to people. I am a people person, so I just like talking to my customers and getting to know them on a more personal basis. Many of them are such great people and some of them have led very interesting lives!

If I had a personalized coffee mug at work, it would probably say “PROUD MEMAW. If you don't want to hear what they have done recently...RUN NOW!”

I come to work every day because of the people that I work with. They are my family away from home. Sometimes that is a good thing and sometimes it’s not so good LOL! It is much easier to have a happy life outside of work when you enjoy your work life. I enjoy what I do, and then I can go home and enjoy my time off as well.

A fun fact about me is I am actually quite knowledgeable about archery. I don't hunt, but I have learned an inordinate amount of things due to a husband and son who LOVE it. I always say I learned it all by osmosis.

My family includes my husband, Jeff, and I. We celebrated 33 years of marriage in March. We have a 29-year-old son, Shane, and his wife, Asalee. We also have a 21-year-old daughter, Kalyn, and her boyfriend of over two years, James. All of whom we are absolutely crazy about! We also have a four-year-old grandson, Remington, and a two-year-old granddaughter, Kennedy, who are our absolute pride and joy.

For fun, my family and I are making a change. We have been involved in 4-H Shooting Sports at county, state and national levels for about 14-15 years. That occupied most of our off hours for years. I can't count the weekends, weeknights, and weeklong events we have spent setting up and running archery or other shooting events. However, we are retiring from 4-H now and plan to do a LOT of camping and fishing.

One thing that I will always remember about working here is how wonderful and supportive everyone associated with Walsworth was when my daughter had a really bad car accident almost four years ago now. It is hard to express what the support during that time meant to me and my family and it will never be forgotten.