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Employee Spotlight Series

Jeff Wood

Yearbook Sales Representative, New York/Connecticut

About our Employee Spotlights

We will be featuring the Employee Spotlight series on our websites to celebrate our amazing employees and give you a chance to get to know them better.

Jeff Wood

I am a yearbook sales rep in the New York City/Connecticut area who motivates and trains students and teachers and helps solve problems to make the yearbook creation job easier. My previous job titles (before Walsworth) include marketing associate, interactive marketing manager, web developer, program coordinator and news reporter.

I bring solutions to yearbook advisers to help make their job easier and save them time while providing the best experience in yearbooks. I am also an educator who motivates and trains students in a wide range of skills to make a great yearbook. Though I have not worked directly in the printing industry before Walsworth, I have been around print in many ways since college, such as being a news reporter for a daily newspaper. I began with Walsworth as a yearbook sales rep in 2006.

I came to Walsworth because I was recruited by my best friend since nursery school... a fellow Walsworth yearbook sales rep (Brian Flamm). I wanted to stay in education and around print, but I also had a background and interest in technology and marketing, so I was sold on how this job brings all of these disciplines together, and I am passionate about the print medium.

The coolest thing about my job is working with so many different kinds of people and schools. This is especially true in my territory where I might be in Manhattan, New York, one day and rural settings the next. I work with diverse schools ranging from Connecticut private schools to NYC arts public schools to the United Nations to the U.S. Coast Guard and many international schools. I love to self-manage/strategize my territory and I enjoy the relative downtime in the mid-summer to recharge.

My personalized coffee mug would say: "Half-full" or "Laugh Always"

What makes me come to work every day? The customers and Walsworth staff that I have befriended, as well as the students I educate and the new schools I want to bring on board.

Most people don’t know that I used to do a little stand-up comedy in NYC and I’m working on my second novel.

In my personal life, I am engaged and we have lived together since Covid, when we got our Bernedoodle dog named Riggins.

My favorite hobbies are fiction novel writing, travel, sports, web development, reading, and being active with our dog.

I feel Walsworth has contributed to my future  as well as the future of my family through the opportunity and stability the company provides us.

Before Walsworth, I have always been involved in my community and the global community at large. I was a manager at non-profit that built schools in developing countries overseas such as Mali, West Africa, and I have served as program coordinator for many public schools in the Bronx, NYC.

My favorite memories of working here are every time I signed a large new account, the pocket meetings and ISM meetings.