June 4, 2010 / Marketing Stuff

Email marketing is quick, easy way to generate yearbook buzz

Written by Aimee Parsons

Another great way to generate buzz around your yearbook is through email marketing. Emails are an easy and free way for you to communicate with your school community with minimal effort. And emails have generated amazing results for schools just like yours!

A good time to send yearbook emails is during the week before your Back-to-school/Registration information is distributed, or your Back-to-school event takes place. That is why the time to start thinking about using email marketing is now.

To get started, talk to your school administration about sending emails to parents. Once your administration gives you the OK to use your school’s email system, you can use the email templates provided to you in the Kick-start Your Sales manual as a starting point.  Plus, there are even more templates located on the Marketing Help page.

Want something a little more customized than the templates provided in the manual? Walsworth’s Email Marketing program could be the right choice for you. By mid-summer, you will be able to log in to your 2011 Members Only account and create all the email campaigns you would like by clicking on the Email Marketing link. The system easily walks you through the process of successfully setting up all the emails you would like to send throughout the year.

Don’t panic if you don’t know exactly when you want to send them for the entire year. You can always come back and adjust the dates and add more emails! A Walsworth email guru will then write a customized email with the information you provide and send back to you for approval within a week of your email send date.

Remember, as the year rolls along, make sure you keep flipping through the Kick-start Your Sales manual and implement more strategies to increase your buy rates!

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Aimee Parsons

Aimee Parsons is the Yearbook Marketing Manager at Walsworth and has held various other roles within the company. Prior to joining Walsworth, Parsons was a corporate photographer for Burns and McDonnell Engineering and owned and operated her own freelance photography business. Marketing and photography are her passions, which led to her becoming a national award-winning Photo-Editor for The Campus Ledger newspaper at Johnson County Community College and eventually studying commercial photography at Northern Arizona University.