Drink labels lead to Conway sales blitz

Written by Idea File Staff

Have you tried any of your yearbook marketing efforts during the lunch hour? It really works. Just ask the yearbook staff at Conway Junior High School in Conway, Ark.

According to adviser Deena Ladd, the staff started tempting students to buy the yearbook this month by putting labels on drink items in the cafeteria during lunch. The labels reminded the students of the approaching deadline to buy and gave them ordering information.

The tactic certainly worked to create a sense of urgency and drive students to buy, as the Conway staff gained 122 orders in just 17 days!

Conway labels

Conway Junior High yearbook staffers Emilee Wooley and Mia Passalaqua have fun labeling juice boxes to remind students of the deadline for ordering yearbooks.

What yearbook marketing tactics could you use during the lunch hour at your school?

Idea File Staff

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