October 9, 2017 / Photography

Don’t miss out on the 100+ Great Yearbook Photos eBook

Written by Shiloh Scott

Great photography is something to celebrate. It’s often the first thing people look at when they open a yearbook (starting with the pictures of themselves, of course). The photos help set the tone of the yearbook.

Great photos can make or break a yearbook.

Walsworth created the eBook 100+ Great Photos that Captured Our Attention and Why to highlight some of the amazing photos taken by students around the country.

We’re celebrating photographers, and hope you’ll celebrate yourself, as well. If you know someone featured in this book, share it on social media. Tell the world if you know the photographer. If you are the photographer, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn!

People have been recognizing their friends and staffers since the eBook was released last month – and telling us on social media!

Andrew Young‏ @sayoung001  Sep 19
Andrew Young Retweeted Walsworth Yearbooks
Three of my former @woodlandyb staffers are featured!

The Creek Yearbook‏ @TheCreekYB  Sep 19
Good morning @radkelsey ! Just found your pic on page 4 of @yearbookforever 100 Great Yearbook Photos

The Creek Yearbook‏ @TheCreekYB  Sep 19
Replying to @TheCreekYB @radkelsey @yearbookforever
And here it is again!

The Corsican‏ @TigersYearbook  Sep 19
Look at our own @allison__spence making the 100 great yearbook photos book by our publisher, @yearbookforever !

The Corsican‏ @TigersYearbook  Sep 19
And again @allison__spence

We hope everyone will download this eBook. Photography can be a difficult subject to teach, especially for yearbook advisers who don’t have a background in it. This is a great tool for showing students, rather than telling them, what constitutes a great photo.

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