May 9, 2016 / Marketing

Distributing yearbook order options is simple

Written by Kris Mateski, CJE

Yearbook distribution day can be one of the most exciting days for your yearbook staff. It can also be one of the busiest. And if your school takes advantage of our Online Sales Program or you have entered your in-school sales into Sales Central, you also need to distribute yearbook order options. However, we make the process of distributing these options simple and easy.

What are Yearbook Order Options exactly?
Yearbook order options are the additional yearbook-related products students or parents order with their yearbook. Options include:

    • Clear book protectors
    • Autograph supplements
    • iTags
    • Autograph gel pens
    • ceBuzz current events supplement
    • Year in Review current events supplement

Please note: If you sold namestamping, those namestamped books will be delivered with your yearbook order in specially marked shipping cartons.

How are the order options delivered?
Two weeks before the yearbook order arrives, you will receive an email from Walsworth indicating the yearbook order options have shipped. Look for a box with this label:

16_LABL_YB Shipping Label Options.print

Inside the box, you will receive order option envelopes which have been pre-sorted by student. Each envelope will have a label identifying the student’s name and options ordered. The envelope will contain these options. Next, simply match the order option envelope with the student’s yearbook and you’re done.

If you have questions, you can always contact us at 800-369-2646, ext. 2013.

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Kris Mateski, CJE

Kristin Mateski, CJE, is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for Walsworth. Her love for marketing and degree from Southern Methodist University led to work at national advertising agencies in Dallas and Kansas City. Her father worked as a pressman, so it was just a matter of time before she returned to the world of print, joining Walsworth in 2009. With her team, Kris helps provide yearbook advisers and their staffs with the tools they need to brainstorm, build, promote and sell their yearbook.