November 3, 2003 / Coverage / Design / Winter 2003

Daring to Be Different

Written by Marketing Staff

2002 Yearbooks Break Traditional Rules
to Create Better Books

We started thumbing through the 2002 crop of yearbooks looking for the best new ideas, the ‘must-haves.’

What we found is about the only thing that last year’s yearbooks have in common is their desire to be different. Convention is out. A sense of adventure is what it’s all about. Still, there are a fair number of elements that seemed to show up over and over again. To find common threads, we talked to advisers from Walsworth’s President’s Collection — advisers whose books have won or been finalists for the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Gold or Silver Crown awards or for the National Scholastic Press Association and Associated Collegiate Press’ Pacemaker awards.

Individualization of each spread or package

Cleaner Typography

Modules and White Space

Clustered Photos, Clustered Captions

Photoshop Influence

No One Way to tell a Story

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