June 29, 2006 / Current Event Photos

Current Event Photos

Written by Marketing Staff

The year is more than school events.

You understand how national and world events affect the students at your school. If your staff has decided to produce its own current events coverage instead of using Walsworth’s Year in Review, ceBuzz or Retrospective news-summary packages, we want to help. See the information below about commercial photo agencies that provide images of major news events.

Campus for Yearbooks – Tribune News Services
Tribune News Services offers a photo package called Campus for Yearbooks, which was previously known as MCT Campus. Campus offers a top 25 events of the year or gives you unlimited access to Tribune’s archive of 300,000 images of the top stories of the year. To see the service and sign up, go to mctcampus.com/yearbooks/.

Associated Press/Wide World Photos (AP)
The Associated Press offers a photo package. Photos can be selected individually from AP Wide World Photo’s entire archive, or you can pay for access to and unlimited purchase of 900 photos of the biggest events of the year.

Getty Images Online Photo Services
Getty Images customizes their photo services to fit schools’ needs. Images can be purchased individually or as part of a package. Pricing depends on total yearbooks printed per school.

For more information, visit gettyimages.com.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons is a non-profit online community that provides free, easy-to-use licenses for copyrighted images and other creative works. Photos from events of the year can often be found in the Creative Commons archive, which can be searched at creativecommons.org.

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