Convention coming to a close

Written by Aaron Montes

After all the seminars I’ve gone to, I realize just exactly the complexity and dimensions of journalism. There are so many ways to appeal to the public in order to address news.

I am gonna major in journalism someday, so it was interesting to think how wonderful it is to be in the field of journalism. Just seeing every one walk around with either a notebook or camera in hand, it’s interesting to think that just maybe this is a bigger art than it gets credit for.

The instructors here are something to behold. With Ms. Patricia Monroe, the Burges adviser, Ms. Massy, the Lair adviser, the Wings and Westlake advisers, and all the photography instructors, it is safe to say the future of journalism is in good hands.

I said I would deliver to you the best place to eat here in Portland and it’s been Burgerville or Red Robin. They offer great value at an affordable price because, if you haven’t noticed it’s pretty expensive here. Red Robin because, they offer combo baskets at about $9 with bottomless fries and drinks, probably the best deal I’ve ever heard of. Burgerville because, the ingredients are fresh, they provide nutritional facts, and the baskets run at about $7 a bucket.

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Coming to a close

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