March 19, 2010 / 2010 CSPA / Walsworth Live

Celebrity speaker at CSPA makes an impression

Written by Kathryn Barnette

The first thing I looked for this year when I got the schedule — the song-writing seminar being held by John Hampson whose hit, “Absolutely (Story of a Girl),” has become a classic. Last year, I had randomly walked into the session with a friend.

This year, it was what we all looked for. Coming off the subway, five of us ran to make it on time. It was incredible to get the opportunity to see and meet him, and get to see him perform his music. When I heard him talking about his process and his inspiration, it added so much to the song itself. Hopefully he’ll be coming back next year!

What a perfect way to end the conference… Not quite ready to leave yet!

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Celebrity Speaker at CSPA

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