Captain’s Log of Essential Supplies

Written by Ramona Merrill

  • At least one quality point & shoot camera and one 35-mm cam- era system with an interchangeable lens system for sports events. Buy as many cameras as possible because good photographs are the first ingredient of a good yearbook.
  • A large supply of 800 ASA color print film. You will find this film is versatile enough for low light situations, action shots and many candid photos as well.
  • Lots of sticky notes for leaving notes to staff members on rough drafts, page envelopes, etc.
  • Package tape for assembling shipment boxes.
  • Note cards for writing encouraging words to students and a stash of snacks.
  • Food for rewarding students who perform well.
  • Lots of bright paper for printing promotional flyers about book sales, ad sales, portrait days, etc.
  • A mini-fridge stocked with bottled water (not soda) to keep your mind clear and to calm your nerves.
  • A fine-tipped Sharpie for touching up ad clip art.
  • A college dictionary, thesaurus and idiom book.
  • A supply of replacement toner for all the printers in your room.
  • A box full of well-designed magazines for ideas and inspiration.
  • Labeled storage drawers for small items like wax pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, job stickers, mini layout sheets, and other items that students are likely to need on a regular basis.
  • Things that make you feel good. You will be spending a lot of time in the publication room, so make it pleasant and motivational.
  • A large bottle of painkillers for those inevitable deadline headaches.

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Ramona Merrill