Captain’s Log of Essential Information

Written by Ramona Merrill

  • Master class schedule
  • School calendar
  • List of page submission deadlines
  • Rosters of all students by grade
  • Student home phone numbers
  • List of sport team members
  • Sport schedules
  • Portrait specifications and deadlines
  • Book and advertising sales forms, letters, and contracts
  • The ladder of all pages in the book
  • Deadline checklists
  • List of all clubs and organizations
  • List of all employees who work on campus or provide services for the school
  • List of fonts that may be used, including the type specs
  • Projected budget
  • All Walsworth communication such as the deadline agreement, cover spec form and contract
  • List of contacts: sales rep, portrait photographers, Federal Express, art supply stores, suppliers of plastic covers, the local pizza place, camera stores, fellow advisers, journalism associations, office supply stores, local newspapers, etc.
  • A page to record your observations throughout the year concerning problem areas and possible solutions for next year
  • Information about yearbook staff members, such as birthdays, class schedules, home and work numbers, job descriptions, etc.

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One Response to “Captain’s Log of Essential Information”

October 30, 2009 at 12:53 pm, Jessie said:

Thank you! as editor in chief of my school’s yearbook this helps a lot!

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Ramona Merrill