November 17, 2009 / Fall 2009 / Online Design

By Design with Online Design: Getting Even

Written by Marketing Staff

Make your spreads crisp and clean with properly aligned elements.

When you need to align and arrange several shapes, elements or graphics on a layout, or you plan to run shapes or images across the top, bottom or down the side of a page, the Object Layout palette in Page Editor is your tool.

1. Decide what shape you want, and drag several of them from the shapes panel.


2. Select the shapes with the Selection tool (arrow) and click the Layout button. Hint: The first shape you select controls the alignment of the other surrounding shapes.


3. Click an Align button to align left, right, top, bottom, center horizontally or center vertically. In this example, align bottom was used.


4. Once the shapes are aligned, use the Distribute Evenly options to evenly arrange the items. Distribute horizontally or vertically using the auto feature or enter a distribution distance in picas. One pica (1p) horizontally was used in this example.

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