August 7, 2009 / Online Design

By Design with Online Design – Creating clipping paths

Written by Marketing Staff

In Online Design’s Page Editor, you can make clipping paths to create cut-out background (COB)Clipping Path process images and add an advanced design effect to your pages.

1. While working in the Page Editor, drag a photo on to the page from the image panel.

2. Double-click on the image to open the Transform Object (Cropping) window.

3. Click on the Clipping Path tab.

4. The path control buttons are now available. First, click Clear Path to remove the path of the original shape.

5. Use the path control buttons, such as curve line and angle line, to create a new, custom path.
COB.Walking Girl
6. Click Apply to apply the new path and return to the page. It may take a moment for the completed path to render, close the Transform Object box and appear on the page.

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