May 28, 2010 / News

Blogger reminds that you’re never too old to enjoy yearbooks

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

Take a look at this great piece about yearbooks from Jim Higley – a humorous blogger from Chicago who goes by the moniker “Bobblehead Dad.”

Yearbooks have been on a lot of minds this month as the spring books have been getting delivered to schools, and Higley wrote his own hilarious recollections about what the yearbook meant during his high school days.

But amidst the humor, Higley takes time to get nostalgic as well. Here’s the passage that I particularly enjoyed:

“Beyond the pictures found on every page, there was one thing I loved more than anything about my yearbook. One thing that had more meaning, more insight and more value. It was the handwritten words that came from classmates and teachers on that last day of school—as we passed our books around for each other to sign.”

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Blogger reminds that you’re never too old to enjoy yearbooks

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