Beyond Basic Photoshop: Using Levels

Written by Bill Hankins

Using Levels
Correcting a poor exposure

After making the selected image the correct size and resolution, do the following:

  1. Open Levels
  2. Select Channels
  3. Select Red and move the shadow (left) and highlight (right) triangles to where the histogram begins to ascend.
  4. Select Green channel and do the same.
  5. Select Blue channel and do the same.

This should be enough 99 percent of the time. If not, go to Levels RGB and adjust the midtones (middle triangle) just enough to correct facial tones, for example.


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Bill Hankins

Bill Hankins taught scholastic photojournalism for 26 years, advised student publications for 29 years, and instructed more than 1,600 photojournalists, mostly at Oak Park High School in Kansas City. Before retiring, Hankins received the Missouri Journalism Teacher of the Year Award, the Pioneer Award from the NSPA, the Certificate of Merit from the Dow Jones Newspaper Fund and a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2002 from the JEA.