July 7, 2009 / Idea File Supplement

Basic Three Step Process for Image Submission

Written by Marketing Staff

Below are the three essential steps in all image submission processes. Images must have the color mode set to either Grayscale or CMYK, the resolution set at 225 dpi, and the file format saved as jpeg (or .jpg):

1. Set Color Mode

  • Open an image
  • Select the Image menu and choose Mode
  • Select Grayscale or CMYK from the Mode menu.
2. Adjust Resolution

  • Select the Image menu and choose Image Size
  • Resample Image should not be checked Note: This option is located at the bottom of the window.
  • Enter 225 pixels/inch into the Resolution entry Note: the Width and Height should change when this step is performed.
  • Click OK
3. Save Image

  • Select the File menu and choose Save As
  • Name files: 3 digit page #-3 digit position #_subject.jpg example: 001-001_zebra.jpg
  • Select JPEG for format
  • Click Save
  • “Set Quality to 8 under the Image Options area
  • Set Format Options to Baseline (“Standard”)
  • Click OK



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