May 20, 2014 / Video

Argo staff creates hit yearbook video

Written by Evan Blackwell, CJE

The yearbook staff at Argo Community High School in Summit, Ill., recently put the finishing touches on a yearbook-themed music video it took them two weeks to produce.

The video, a takeoff of the hit song “Best Day of My Life” by the American Authors, uses its own original yearbook lyrics with Argo students singing.

“We were able to get the choir class to sing most of it, along with some random students,” said Tony Cimaglia, Argo’s yearbook adviser. “It was a huge success.”

The video was posted on YouTube and went viral across school. According to Cimaglia, it led to a spike in sales online and in the school’s bookstore. Already this year, Argo has sold 65 more books than they did a year ago.

Take a look at the Argo video below!

  • Ashley

    This was such a cute video! I love the lyrics…they can be pretty deep if you really pay attention. I was surprised that this video raised 65 more book sales! Hopefully my yearbook class can do this! You started a trend: yearbook music videos.
    You are a trendsetter. #trendsetter

Evan Blackwell, CJE

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