March 16, 2010 / 2010 NASSP / Walsworth Live

An interesting array of booths at NASSP convention

Written by David Massy

With more than 200 exhibits lining the aisles at NASSP in Phoenix, principals had plenty of shopping opportunities when not attending sessions. Companies, schools and other organizations offered solutions to virtually every educational need – with the possible exception of how to stop deep budget cuts.

If you needed sport equipment or scoreboards, you could find a selection. Looking for a leadership skills program? Several choices were available. Most were highly specialized with their products. Others, like Jumbo Jack’s Cookbooks and Student Planners, were more diversified.

My favorites? The aroma of baking cookies at the Otis Spunkmeyer booth tempted vendors to abandon their booths. I offered to help distribute their samples. They politely declined. I found a few things at the Navajo Jewelry and Crafts that should make two people back home happy.

The most intriguing booth offered a new approach to Physical Education – Online PE. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to work, but I bet virtual rope climbing is a lot easier than what I had to do. Where were these people when I needed them?

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An interesting array of booths at NASSP convention

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