Allison Miller[1]


I'm Allison Miller

North/West Texas Area Yearbook Representative

My Philosophy

I started as a yearbook adviser with NO yearbook experience in my past. I had a journalism degree, but I had no idea what a ladder was, I didn't remember how to use InDesign and deadlines were terrifying. This 440-page yearbook wasn't going to make itself!

By the spring of my first year, I was teaching InDesign and graphic design basics at the National High School Journalism Convention. The following year, I taught organizational tips for advisers, and by my third year I was teaching InDesign "tips and tricks" to help you work smarter and not harder. My third yearbook won a CSPA Silver Crown - the first in our school's history - and my fourth yearbook has been nominated for another.

My personal philosophy is that there is no challenge too big. My favorite aspect of this job is solving problems; whether that is helping fix something that isn't working the way it is or finding a "better way" to do something so life can be easier, I love to help. I want to help find what you need, I want to help find what you desire, and I want to help find what you didn't even know you could have!

So, my question to you is - "How can I make a difference for you?"

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What People Are Saying...

Allison Miller is phenomenal! She has made my experience with Walsworth and as a yearbook adviser enjoyable and fun. She cares deeply about her schools and advisers. She will do all she can to make your yearbook a success.

- Shannon Huffman, Adviser, City View High School, Wichita Falls, Texas


As a new yearbook adviser, I had little knowledge about the details that involved producing a quality book. Not only was Allison there to help every step of the way, she'd often stop what she was doing and take panic-stricken phone calls, always finding ways to avoid what I had deemed a crisis. I'm not sure how I would have survived my first year without her.

- Zach Duncan, Adviser, Rider High School, Wichita Falls, Texas
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