After the tour, time for food, games and shopping

Written by Alex Uribe

When the tour was done, we were starving. So we walked down to Red Robin to eat. There was a lot of kids from the convention there, it was pretty neat.

When we finished eating, we went to the convention center so that we could register. We had to play Whamboozal!!! Most of us had played last year in Phoenix, so we were pretty excited to play again. It’s always a lot of fun.

We stayed at the Convention Center until they closed, but we weren’t ready to go back to the hotel just yet, so Miss Monroe (our adviser) came with us to the mall. Oh man did I mention that there is no sales tax?! I was so ready to shop ha! I think everyone came back with something.

Tomorrow starts our learning sessions, and our competitions. Sessions start at 9, and we’re going to hear the guest speaker. Tomorrow will probably be another looongg day.

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After the tour, time for food, games and shopping

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