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Adviser’s book shows funny side of school

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Many teachers have stories to tell, but Bob Crosby, a retired English and journalism teacher and Walsworth customer, penned 50 of his funniest favorites in a book entitled, It Happened in School.

Crosby taught and coached for 35 years, with 33 and a half of those years at Northeast High School in Oakland Park, Fla. His stories come from his experiences with students as a teacher, yearbook and newspaper adviser and coach in a variety of sports – volleyball, softball, baseball, football and golf. The Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel recognized him as Broward County’s 2007 Journalism Adviser of the Year.

Crosby said there were times he would enter the teachers lounge and hear the phrase, “I could write a book.”

“It dawned on me, I could write a book,” he said.

He wrote the book for four reasons, he said – to relive his career; to honor teachers; to be therapeutic by offering a good chuckle; and to inspire future teachers, who would see education as a fun profession.

Crosby started to write the year before he retired and decided to write 50 anecdotes of incidents that occurred during his career. Two of the stories are about yearbook experiences. All of the stories are true, but all of the names were changed.

He reached 40 stories when he became paralyzed by the thought that he might not find a publisher when he got to 50. But he met a woman who had just published a book with Greenleaf Book Group and gave him a contact. It Happened in School is published by Emerald Book Company, a division of Greenleaf, in Austin, Texas.

You can read more about the book and Crosby at the website

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