A senior’s perspective on convention and the future

Written by Aaron Montes

Knowing that it is my last year in high school, and the convention in Portland was probably my last, I feel a new confidence because of the tools I have received from the convention and from my experiences in journalism in high school.

I wish to major in journalism, and I feel that I am ready for the next level. It is all thanks to my adviser Ms. Monroe and the JEA/NSPA conventions I’ve been to. Hopefully, one day I’ll be an instructor at a convention, or a keynote speaker.

After seeing the keynote speakers from the past two years, I know that I want to be a role model in journalism as well. If I can inspire young kids to be great journalists one day, then I am fired up to be the best that I can. It’ll be a highlight of my career to be invited to a JEA/NSPA convention to speak before a crowd of young journalists.

I am also excited to be a pioneer by being a journalist in a rapid growing technological world. It’ll be interesting, if you see it as living in history. Hopefully, I will make an impact on the journalistic world. Even if I don’t get famous I want to be a good influence and a role model. Especially with my photography, because photography is my art.

Of course, I was also in Portland at the convention to pass down new ideas from the convention to my staff of photographers. As the head photographer, it is my duty to teach them strategies new and old. I have taught them almost everything I know lol. You have to keep some secrets, of course. My biggest fear is that they’re gonna be big headed about it and think they don’t have to listen to me. Let’s see how this goes.

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Aaron Montes