Wynne High School yearbook cover

Theme: Remember Wynne

Adviser: Stephanie Emerson

Editor: Michelle Makool

Walsworth representative: Johnny Cole

The 2009 Stinger staff plays on the name of its school with the theme "Remember Wynne." A yearbook is a memory book, so what could be more fitting for Wynne High School? To develop the theme visually, the staff used the school color throughout and chose butterfly brackets as a graphic element. Stories and sidebars bring as many students onto spreads as possible and focus on details of high school life at Wynne. In addition to covering the facts of the year, the staff created a keepsake that will truly help students who attended Wynne remember their year. On the cover, the name of the book, the date and the theme phrase —"Remember Wynne" — pop out of a debossed rectangle that invites readers inside.

Wynne High School yearbook endsheet


The butterfly bracket shape from the cover has been cut out of the front endsheet to reveal a photo of the school mascot and cheerleaders on the title page. The table of contents, with memory-related spin-off titles for each section, is printed along the curve of the cutout. The words “rewind,” “momentoes,” “unforgettable,” “deja vu,” “legendary” and “reminisce” each title a section in the 2009 Stinger.

Wynne High School yearbook title page

It is clear from the first page that the 2009 Stinger is a book about school spirit. The one photo the staff chose to use to introduce the school to readers is of the school's mascot being hoisted by two cheerleaders at a football game. This image captures the mood of the rest of the book and clearly relates to the theme, "Remember Wynne."

Wynne High School yearbook pages 2-3


The first spread relates the details of the first moments of the first day of school. The Pledge of Allegiance, silent sustained reading, the school's start time. These details flow into a list of the changes Wynne faced at the beginning of the year. Specific information about new rules, new faculty and a new building introduce readers to the school year. Notice that the type treatment on "Remember Wynne" is consistent with the cover and the title page. This consistency helps give this theme, which has a clear conceptual identity, a clear visual identity as well.

Wynne High School yearbook pages 4-5


The opening section continues onto a second spread. The same design is used on this spread as on the first, but this time a photo of a football player clearly brings the school spirit message of the theme onto this spread. In this half of the opening copy the nation's financial crisis is given context with details about gas prices in town and changes faced by students because of budget cuts. This gives a context in which readers can understand the rest of the book.

Wynne High School yearbook pages 6-7


Blue and gold are the school colors at Wynne, so a switch from blue backgrounds to the gold on this spread helps drive home the school spirit part of the theme, "Remember Wynne." The butterfly bracket introduced on the cover and carried through the title page and opening spread appears again on dividers.

This divider introduces the student life section with the title "Rewind." The overarching theme in student life at Wynne in 2008-2009 was technology. The copy on this spread details students' relationships with Facebook and other technological advances. "When we slow down and REWIND over the year," the copy concludes, "we realize how important technology is in our lives."

Wynne High School yearbook pages 26-27


A large dominant photo of a student distributing items at a nursing home introduces readers to the organizations section, "Mementoes." The photo is especially appropriate because of the items displayed in the nursing home resident's room. This section relates the items collected during high school to students' involvement in clubs and organizations. "For every occasion we ordered tee-shirts to memorialize the event. Family Career and Community Leaders of America sold letter "W" tee-shirts to the student body," the copy reads. It continues later with, "Other organizations used pins to recognize their members such as National Honor Society and Quill & Scroll. Students found these items to be mere objects to collect dust but later realized they were mementos of our year."

Wynne High School yearbook pages 30-31


The staff pulled the theme — "Remember Wynne" — onto spreads with the use of butterfly bracket shapes on sidebars, folios and, as on this spread, details calling attention to the headline. The color palette of the Stinger includes saturated blue, gold and red, adding an extra level of consistency to the book. Clean design with well-placed white space and well-organized sidebar coverage characterizes the inside pages. The sidebar on this spread does a particularly good job of conveying the theme; three students were asked about the moments they chose to join a club. The quotes they provide capture their memories of "when" at "Wynne" forever.

Wynne High School yearbook pages 102-103


Photo selection on divider spreads was important in the 2009 Stinger. "Remember Wynne" is a school spirit theme, and the size of the dominant photos on divider spreads demand crisp, emotional photography to convey the school spirit message. The academics section is no exception. With the spin-off title "deja vu," this section strives to bring something interesting to the day-to-day activities of school life. "Although other aspects of the year changed, academics seem to stay the same," the copy reads. "'It's the same routine day after day. Take notes, take tests, do vocabulary, take notes, take tests, do vocabulary,' Hailey Arens, 10, said.' Sitting through the same classroom lectures and assemblies enabled students to feel as if they were having DEJA VU."

Wynne High School yearbook pages 132-133


Scoreboards in the 2009 Stinger are particularly beautiful. The butterfly bracket is used in two different ways to add interest and organization to required information. Notice how easy this scoreboard is to follow.

Wynne High School yearbook page 256

A one-page closing wraps up the 2009 Stinger. "As the year came to an end, students prepared for the next chapters of their lives, teachers reorganized their curriculums, and the class of 2009 graduates went from our little world to the real world but will always remember Wynne." With these words, the staff encapsulates the purpose of the theme — to capture the year so students can always access the memories of 2008-2009.