Benicia High School yearbook cover

Theme: “Like No Other”

Adviser: Annette Fewins

Editor: Madison Weaver

Walsworth representative: Reese Ericson

A dark, full-bleed photo of the shoreline near Benicia High School wraps around the entire cover of the 2012 Pride. This photo presents a stunning view of the area, which is likely to be quite familiar to students. The phrase, “Like No Other” is ghosted over the water in the photograph in all capital letters and a bold, sans serif font.

Benicia High School yearbook endsheet

This theme allowed the staff to use the words that described the year at Benicia High School as spin-off titles for sections and to express pride in their school and their classmates. These words appear as a table of contents and a brief introduction to the theme on the front endsheet.

Benicia High School yearbook title page

A full-page shot of Benicia High School with selective focus on a group of students provides a backdrop to the title page information and a bold statement of the theme, “Like no other.” The bold, sans serif, all capital-letter font of the words anchors the phrase though it seems to float in the sky.

Benicia High School yearbook pages 2-3

The opening spread features a full-spread photo of one Benicia student who is “Like no other.” This student stands, in focus, in a blurry crowd. Surrounded by clusters of smaller photos, a ghosted white box makes the opening copy legible over the background photo.

Benicia High School yearbook pages 4-5

The weight and size of the section spin-off titles draw readers’ attention to these words, which capture ways in which students at Benicia High School are “Like no other.” This student life division is clearly dominated by the word “UNIQUE.” A set of three photos, one of which is ghosted to match the look of the opening spread, illustrates a short copy block that is written in first-person.

Benicia High School yearbook pages 66-67

Full-spread background photos, bright colors and a bold sans-serif font give the book a confident, vibrant feel. Though the designs are clean and professional, the style of the 2012 Pride conveys what it was like to be a teenager in 2011-2012. This Halloween spread exemplifies the teenage experience with three sidebars, a photo collection and a full story combined to show different aspects of the teenage experience of a child-centered holiday.

Benicia High School yearbook pages 8-9

The academics section division — with the spin-off title “Intriguing” — compares the writer’s workload with the memories the writer had of her time in class. Every student has a similar story, but the vivid deals make this writer’s story “Like No Other.”

Benicia High School yearbook pages 70-71

Throughout the Pride, spreads like this one present multiple stories as one package. This spread covers three different science experiments with short stories, photo collections and strong headlines that combine to paint a complete picture of science at Benicia High School.

Benicia High School yearbook closing

A large headline, reversed out of a dark, full-spread photo, introduces this division for the “Performance” section. Complementary photos stand out, overlapping on top of the full-spread background photo. The overall effect is as “STUNNING” as the headline, conveying a feeling of awe about the students performing in these photos and this section.

Benicia High School yearbook closing

A clever use of the popular iPhone in a staged photo, juxtaposed with the headline “MEMORABLE,” makes a subtle connection between the way students usually capture memories and the permanency of the yearbook. A secondary photo of students taking their own photo with a cell phone expands on this idea and truly captures the year.