Del Campo High School yearbook cover

Theme: "Yours”

Adviser: Jim Jordan

Editors: Madison Bell, Sarah Foreman, Elisabeth Smith

Walsworth representatives: Kelly Parsons, Christine Foxworthy

At first glance, Decamhian’s theme appears to be YOURS. But we all know, a yearbook cover is never a what-you-see-is-what-you-get proposition. After further review, the theme is actually YOURS and OURS. To make sure we get it, the OUR is embossed inside of YOURS. Likewise, the other graphic elements on the gray litho cover – orange, green, yellow, blue and red squares and dotted lines – are also embossed and silk screened for emphasis.

Del Campo High School yearbook endsheet

Using strong photos for each of the traditional coverage areas (academics, sports, student life, people, clubs/organizations and reference), the Decamhian provides a thorough table of content for a book that is organized chronologically. The endsheets also show us how those squares on the cover will serve to color-code the coverage on each folio inside the book.

Del Campo High School yearbook title page

Colorful, emotional photos draw us into the title page where the staff provides important information – book name, year, volume number, school name, address, phone and fax numbers, web address and population totals – using the same colorful graphic elements utilized on the cover.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 2-3

Decamhian uses two spreads to introduce the theme, with the first spread emphasizing individual stories with references to spreads that are found inside the book. “How you battled through every game with an ankle injury while your team achieved a 5-5 record…. You fought Ewing Sarcoma and became cancer-free after a year, returning for your senior year….” The theme dashes and colors are here, with the background the same color as the cover.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 4-5

In a flipped, mirror layout of the first opening spread, the second opening spread uses photos and writing to set the stage for a book that reflects the ways in which everything that happened at Del Campo High School in 2014 was simultaneously a YOURS and OURS moment.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 28-29

The five blue squares on the folio tell us this is a sports spread. Features like “YOUR determination to play” and “OUR wardrobe malfunction” make a connection to the theme while also providing the rest of the story not found in the copy and captions.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 38-39

The five green squares on the folio signal this is an academic spread. Nine academic spreads are focused on specific aspects of OUR learning – in this instance, creativity – providing a unique way to combine coverage of different classes offered at Del Campo. “How to…” sidebars demonstrate specific lessons learned. YOUR self expression and OUR creation quotes are featured in the upper left and lower right corners. Quotes are featured in the same location of every spread except for people and reference spreads, providing opportunities for YOUR voices to be heard in OUR story.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 112-113

One of 15 student life spreads as denoted by the yellow squares on the folio, these super-fun trends pages cover a range of topics from YouTube to the release of the new iPhone to popular TV shows. The featured quotes help explain how trends were a part of YOUR and OUR year.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 286-287

To wrap up their book, the Decamhian staff used the final two spreads of the book, leaving page 288 blank. With designs that mirror the opening spreads, these pages feature photos and captions as well as detailed copy to lead the reader back through the stories that captured their hearts and minds inside. “Every moment mattered…. I became we. Your became our. We made this year ours.