Del Campo High School yearbook cover

Theme: "It’s About Time”

Adviser: Jim Jordan

Editor: Korrina Kneeland

Walsworth representative: Christine Foxworthy

The best way to view the cover of the 2013 Decamhian is opened up and laid out flat so the photos that progress from the opening of the school in 1962 through 2013 are all visible. This implied timeline is fitting for a school celebrating its 50th anniversary and for a book with the theme "it’s about time.” The photos on the front lid are all current, making it clear that this book will celebrate the past, but emphasize the current year.

Del Campo High School yearbook endsheet

The photos on the front endsheet, more loosely cropped versions of the ones that appeared on the front cover, provide a glimpse into each of the eight sections of the book. Captions for each photo are provided. Each section title completes the phrase "it’s about…” as in "it’s about months,” "it’s about weeks,” "it’s about hours, ”it’s about moments,” "it’s about people.” With a theme about time, it is no surprise the book will be organized chronologically. Graphically, the endsheet is closely related to the cover, using the same fonts and color scheme.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 2-3

The opening spans seven spreads and breaks the theme down chronologically. This spread’s headline, "It’s about the year,” allows the staff to explore the various occurrences that impact the entire year.

"It’s about time. It’s about the year. The two terms, nine months, 43 weeks, 181 days, 1,263 hours and countless moments that make up our school year. The Mayans predicted it to be our last, but instead we celebrated 50 years tradition with a new principal and came together at the Back to School Rally…. It’s about our year.”

The two photos on the spread feature the new principal and a student who won first place in a poetry competition, and each serve as teasers for stories that appear later in the book. The captions provide both traditional information and the page number where the related story appears.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 6-7

This opening spread, "It’s about the months,” features nine photos, one for each of the months school is in session. Each caption not only explains the photos, but tells where the reader can find the full story. Although the design of this spread is radically different from the opening pages that precede it, each has utilized a broad horizontal bar that contains the theme-related title, and a sidebar contains a quote appropriate to the spread.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 12-13

Because the Del Campo school day is divided into four class periods, only four photos appear on this spread, "It’s about the hours.” The graphic elements from the initial opening spread are repeated, bringing continuity to the theme presentation even though the designs are significantly different.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 24-25

This is the second division page of the book. The first division page, "It’s About The Months,” covered summer events month by month. In this division, each week of the first term will be covered in one or two spreads. A table of contents appears on the division page, lists every week of the term and provides the dates. The copy here echoes the copy from the opening in voice, in presentation and in style.

"It’s about ending the term before Winter Break for the first time. Getting back into the groove of school, the burnt trees and broken windows, and bringing your favorite blanket to Cougar Canyon to share with your friends every Friday night…. Watching our teachers stressing about the two less weeks they had to cram in all their material and having finals on the day the world was supposed to end.”

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 44-45

Trends spreads are nothing new to contemporary yearbooks, but the Decamhian has taken an unusual approach by presenting a trends spread at the beginning of every two-month period. Because the division page only lists the spreads by week, the average reader would have trouble finding specific spreads based on the topic. To alleviate this problem, a topical table of contents appears on each trends spread.

This spread covers bootsocks, Taylor Swift, the San Francisco Giants and fall fashion. A wordle on the right page of the spread teases several of the stories in the section. The design of these pages shares the same foundation as the first opening spread, providing a sense of continuity.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 60-61

Most yearbook staffs who organize their books chronologically by week allow only one spread for each week. The staff realized there was just too much going to follow that limitation. This is the second of two spreads that cover week 12: Oct. 29-Nov. 2. Folio tab information includes the page number, which week it covers and the dates of that week. Fonts serve as the primary consistent element, pulling the theme through the book, but an underlying design scheme subtly adds to that sense of continuity.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 128-129

The people section presents a wide variety of stories with the portraits, "heard it in the hall” quotes, and a series of random photos with storytelling captions. This spread features a quote collection that focuses on dedication. The headline design and font choice echo the look of the theme logo, providing a clear connection.

Del Campo High School yearbook pages 188-189

The final spread of the anniversary section focuses on family and presents some impressively unique stories, each carefully related to the idea of time. Two of the stories particularly stand out. The first tells about the 45-year career of a teacher who also coached nine sports, winning 16 section championships and one state championship. He also served as the Student Government sponsor and each of his 13 children attended Del Campo.

On the facing page, the staff follows up on a story from the 1996 yearbook that told the story of a teen mom. In 2013, that baby is now a student at her mother’s alma mater and this year’s staff interviews both mom and daughter. In addition to these stories, the staff provides facts from a decade of Del Campo history.