Customizing Your Book

Let your buyers add some unique touches to the yearbook, while you increase your income. Offer custom options that will make the yearbook product a more attractive and appealing offering. Walsworth provides you with a variety of custom options to pass along to your customers.

FSC Certified paper

Walsworth was the first yearbook company to earn certification from the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) (FSC-C004755). That means we can offer FSC paper, which comes from responsibly managed forests, for use in your yearbook.
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name stamping


Add nicknames or activity names to the student books' covers with namestamping. Make the namestamped book more personal by allowing students to pick icons.


Autograph Supplements

Secure the musings and signatures of classmates forever with handy eight-page autograph supplements.

Protactive Cover

Protective Cover

Help students protect their memories by placing a plastic cover on the outside of their yearbooks.



With iTags, students can put their name, nickname and icons on tags they can stick on their belongings.

UV Coating

Use UV coating to add a shine that will bring your yearbook pages to life. UV coating is a clear, glossy coating that can enhance all, or just part, of a page.