In Step with InDesign – Eliminating orphans and windows

by Idea File Staff
Posted in: Fall 2007, InDesign

Orphans and widows are words that are less than a line of copy left at the bottom or top of a column, respectively. Both InDesign CS2 and CS3 have line settings that allow you to prevent widows and orphans.


1. Go to Keep Options. In CS2 go to the Control Panel’s flyout
menu and select.
2. Check Preview, so you can see your changes as they
3. Check Keep Lines Together.
4. Select At Start/End of Paragraph radio button.
5. Make sure the number 2 is present for Start 2 lines and End 2 lines.
This ensures that within a paragraph, two lines of copy are
always together. Line breaks between paragraphs will still
separate paragraphs.


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